The OpenMosix userland project (user area tools)

Note to the users of OpenMosix (1/3/2010).

As you know, OpenMosix was closed years ago. The webpage of the proyect dissapeared at 2/2010, and few openMosix running clusters still remains. In the last years, the downloads have dropped out; and the most downloads were due to a misuse of the working way and habits of free software (story below). So as far as I mail the few nostalgics that keeps running this cluster stuff, I have decided to keep out the source code of my userland tools from this page.

It was a good trip, and we enjoyed it. But The trip has to finish for other trips to begin.

If you have a good reason for me to send to you the code, send to me an e-mail.

Note to the users of OpenMosix (7/4/2008).


Maybe you are here because you have read the following bug http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/28663.

If this is the case, DO NOT PANIC. The user area tools that are here fixed that issue years ago. Please read the full text. Do not begin the download before you fully understand the following text: my server saturated by sysadms on panic; for something that (a) it is not exploitable, (b) was fixed 5 years ago, and (c) this code is only on sourceforge, and here has been always in its fixed.

If you want only to download the user area tools you can jump all this explanation. But if you have downloaded the user area tools from here, you should read the whole text before worry yourself.

The whole store begun with a personal issue against me of one of the most influent Argentinian bloggers and his followers. In fact, It was notified first to a well known spanish-spoken media and news agregator -meneame-, and the next day to security-related list, without analysis, patches, or asking me.

What really happend is that they got a 2003 version of the tools by the age of the fork in the CVS -from the epoch of the fork- and used them to show how incompetent I was. They spent several time atacking all the free software projects which I had worked on, till I surrender and closed the most of them. Now I have kept open only openMosix user area tools and kradview; the others where closed and its source code got out of Internet.

The facts are:

Finnaly, if you read the message of the blogger and his court, it is not needed to touch the alleged lines on ip_need_two_phase line. It fixed an issue with O3 optimization on old gcc versions; but It works the same on new gcc compilers.

To avoid more missuse by the wolfpack of followers of that riffraff, of old and outdated versions of this project, old versions are not more available for downloading. If you have a good reason to get an old version of the tools, write to me an email and I will send it to you.

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.5.1

- 18/4/2006

Official highly experimental version for kernels 2.6. It works for 2.4 kernels; but It is not inteed to work for 2.6.

Before download it, remember that the code will not compile without the OpenMosix kernel source code and rightly editing configuration file.

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.3.0-irbis

- 21/2/2005

This is a version that I use on my clusters; it is not the official one.

Actual versions - v.0.3.x finally stable, mainteance passed to Mirko Caserta

Versions from here to the end of the page were official, but now they are obsolete.

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.2.4

- 5/8/2002

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.2.3

- 9/7/2002

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.2.2

- 4/7/2002

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.2.1

- 28/6/2002

Changelog v.0.2.0

- 22/4/2002

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.1.3

- 4/3/2002

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.1.2

- 28/2/2002

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.1.1

- 24/2/2002

This version is permantently erased, so far Mosix is no longer free software.

OpenMosix Userland tools Changelog v.0.1.0

- 24/2/2002

This version is permantently erased, so far Mosix is no longer free software.